Press Releases

Court ruling demonstrates oil sands review process broken

Jan 13, 2010

Court appeal reveals flaws in oil sands review process as no repercussions follow broken environmental promises by Shell [August 28, 2009]

New Endangered Species Act Clinging to Life

Jan 13, 2010

Ontario takes giant leap backwards with new Endangered Species Act [May 15, 2008]

Massive diversions and brokering of licences make Alberta a province to watch as Canadian water resources diminish

Jan 13, 2010

Report provides glimpse into Alberta’s water future [April 22 2008]

Government fails endangered whales

Jan 12, 2010

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has granted permission for a US research ship to conduct seismic blasting in a marine protected area in Canadian waters.

Controversial Kearl Tar Sands project goes to court

Jan 12, 2010

While Alberta Premier goes to Washington, the Kearl Tar Sands Project is going to court [January 14, 2008]

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